COVID 19 Policy

COVID 19 Precautions and Procedures

Naturally, we like everyone else are worried about the effects of COVID 19 on our customers, staff and loved ones, so are taking full precautions to prevent the spread of and control the disease. Your skipper, Daryl Ewing has completed coronavirus induction courses by both Failte Ireland and the Irish Chartered Skipper Association (ICSA) and has been signed off as the safety compliance officer onboard. Any queries can be made directly to him through any of the listed contact details on the website.

Our procedures are in line with current HSE guidelines, please respect the following;

  • Customers are expected to follow all current government and HSE issued guidelines on the way to the vessel embarkation point.
  • Facemasks for use on board are recommended, but not essential. Commercial customers who have been assigned PPE are required to wear them and follow their own standard operating procedures.
  • Please stay at home if you have a cough, runny nose, temperature, flu like symptoms, been diagnosed with COVID 19 or been in prolonged presence of a confirmed case (i.e. for less than 2 metres for over 15 minutes in a day) or have been requested by a doctor to cocoon or self isolate.
  • Temperature checking for each client will be carried out before coming aboard the boat as long as it is in line with the most current HSE recommendations.
  • Customers should enter the boat through the opening gunnel door, and walk anticlockwise around the vessel to their allocated space, marked with the social distancing signage. Disembarkation is the reverse of embarkation.
  • We have a hand sanitiser for use as you enter the boat, and another closer the cabin for use throughout the day.
  • A bucket and deckhose is on board for washing and disinfectant spray and soap available on board, just ask your skipper!
  • Disinfecting the head (toilet) is essential before and after each use. Disinfectant is located in the head.
  • Signage has been placed on board demonstrating good hand washing etiquette, when to wash hands and how to prevent the spread of coronavirus on board, as well as guidelines for exercising outdoor to minimise the spread of the virus. 
  • Regrettably, the cabin is off limits to customers.
  • There is to be no sharing of hire rods or equipment.
  • For any of our commercial customers, individuals will be assigned their own personal lifejackets until their contract ends, when we will take them back for disinfecting and sanitizing.
  • We have spaced the timings of our trips to allow 30 minutes between each charter to allow for thorough vessel disinfecting and washdown.
  • We are required to keep the contact information of the lead booker for 3 months to enable contact tracing if required.
  • We encourage contactless payment where possible and can accept card, chip and pin, phone tap methods such as google and apple pay and contactless or revolut where possible. You may also pay by Paypal or electronic transfer before your trip.

If you have any further queries about any of our procedures please get in touch!