Activities in Sligo

Surfing, Adventure, Nightlife

Sligo will enchant you.

Sligo is a county that celebrates its independent spirit. It is aplace steeped in history and mythology, with a creative tradition that lives in the music, art, poetry and expression of its people.From lakes and rivers to beaches and dramatic limestone mountains, Sligo is a place where ancient sites, spectacular landscapes and rolling waves inspire stories, trails andadventures that will open your mind and invigorate your body. Come and join us in Sligo and rediscover a sense of wonder.

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At Ewing’s, as part of Sligo’s Adventure Hub, we seek to realise Sligo and its great surrounding features as one of Ireland’s top destinations. There are many other local activities in the area you can avail of to make your stay here more enjoyable;


There is a wealth of nightlife activities in Sligo town, but the best option is always to ask your skipper! We know how hard it can be to visit a new spot and find the best pint of guinness, steak, gig or nightclub in a town all in one or two nights. That’s why we recommend you ask your skipper for the best local advice on that night and he can recommend something based on what you’re into and what’s on locally. There’s nothing like the insider info!