Game Sea Fishing in Sligo & Donegal Bay, the prolific North West Coast of Ireland

BIG Fish!

We are proud to catch Ireland’s most prolific game fish here in Sligo and Donegal Bay. Departing Rosses Point, we are lucky to have the option of fishing Sligo or Donegal Bay depending on the forecast and the most recent fishing catches. With us you can catch fantastic examples of blue shark, porbeagle, tope and skate as well as the bluefin tuna, We have caught each of these to specimen size in the past. We have a multitude of other species available for catch listed on our sea fishing page.

Sea Trout

We ghillie for clients wishing to catch sea trout from our smaller boat “Dalemoor”. This has a lower draft for fishing the shallows and sandbanks which they frequent. We are lucky to enjoy regular catches of this species whilst in season. For more details on sea trout, please contact your skipper!

Shark, Skate, Tope

We fish for blue & porbeagle shark (July to October – weigh up to 200lbs). Common skate (we have caught these up to 220lbs – September to June). Tope (end of May until mid August we have many Irish specimen records and these generally weigh from 20-50 lbs). When fishing these species it is important we pay particular attention to the tidal state to maximize the catch ratio. Please call to check tidal state whilst in season and arrange a suitable time to charter the boat. We often allocate a longer day for some of the harder to catch species.

It is also very important, that when fishing game species you don’t take any chances, and choose a skipper with a proven fish catching track record. Just check out our photos!


We have rods and tackle for hire for any of these fish if required. Game fishing tackle is €15 for the day and includes bait rods and own your heavy duty fish tamer! For our skate and shark rods we use 50lb class shakespeare ugly stik elite rods which are paired with Penn Senator reels, spooled with 65lb or 70lb mono or braid. We also use the captains carefully selected, custom hand built traces for each species.

Bluefin Tuna

We are delighted to be one of only 15 skippers in Ireland selected to partake in the Bluefin Tuna Chart programme 2019. This means we are one of only 15 who can legally target bluefin tuna on a catch and release basis! We have also qualified for each season since and have been in the top 5 bluefin skippers in Ireland each year! We have all the big game gear on board and have caught these to over 800 lbs in the past. Come experience the world class tuna fishery we have in Sligo and Donegal Bay, and learn more about our bluefin tuna fishing in Sligo and Donegal Bay, Ireland by clicking on our page here.