Sligo Bay Boating Basics

Sligo Bay Boating Tuition

Bought a new boat and need to get to know your way round Sligo Bay, some fishing marks, or just to get the basics right? Then this is for you. We have a lot of queries from people who want an experienced instructor to “show them the ropes” and give a basic introduction to local seamanship. Daryl is an experienced lifeboat helm and has been training in various lifeboat crew for over 10 years. Coupled with his busy charter business, no-one spends more time on the water in Sligo Bay than him and we can offer tuition which avails of his vast experience and decades of expertise to those who need a little help along the way.

We cover

  • Basic Rope work, tying up etiquette and allowing for the tide
  • Anchoring
  • Useful Apps and Tools for Boating in the Bay
  • Basic Weather and its Affect on Sligo Bay
  • Tidal runs and accessible ports around Sligo
  • Buoyage in use in Sligo and pilotage into Sligo Harbor
  • Sandbanks, rocks and other uncharted obstructions
  • Basic Radio Competency
  • Local Knowledge
  • Angling Marks
  • Mooring up and mooring construction
  • Hands On! A spin around the bay in the charter boat (or your boat) where Daryl shows you the various marks and passages in person.

Please get in touch if you wish to avail of this tuition, we can customize these topics for whatever you need help with and cover them over a few evenings or sessions as its a lot to take in.

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