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The coastline of Sligo contains a wealth of naturally stunning geological features for eco tourism; abundant wild life, picturesque scenery and historical features. Our specially designed eco-tour captures this in one breath taking trip.


Dolphin Sligo
Sunfish Ireland
Basking Shark

Eco Tourism & Sea Life

The trip passes by the famous Metal Man, Oyster and Coney Island, Sligo Yacht Club, the 18th century unique lighthouses and through the beautiful Inner Sligo Bay. There are occasional sightings of dolphins, porpoises, sunfish, basking shark, bluefin tuna, seals and whales whilst on board one of our charter vessels.

Seal Watching at the Seal Rock Colony

A highlight of the trip has to be the grey seal colony on the Seal Rocks, which are located a short boat ride away. The rocks consist of a large colony of grey seals who can each weigh up to a massive 660 lbs each. They pup in the early months of the year and occasionally come right up to the boat. The knowledgeable and friendly skipper will fill you in on the rest about them when you get out there and this is a great fun family activity for all involved.

Coney Island

For the naturalists, campers, hillwalkers, bird watchers, cyclists and secluded beach goers, Coney Island is the place to be. The island is approximately 400 acres and is so named because of the vast quantity of rabbits which can be spotted on the island at any time. There are also stories of faeries, mermaids and spirits here, and visitors can try to find the elusive St Patrick’s wishing chair, St Patrick’s well, the remains of a washed up whale and some forts in this very relaxing retreat.


Sligo Bay is a mecca for birdwatchers, and visitors can pick up one of the on-board identification guides and try to spot some of the local birds such as the common tern, guillemots, cormorants, black-backed gulls, herring gulls, black-headed gulls, razorbills, Brent geese, herons, gannets, puffins, corncrakes, great and artic skuas. The trip also includes live commentary by the skipper through our new PA system.

Trips are weather dependent & booking is essential.